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As I light your cigarette, I watch how your hands shake
along with the lighter flame hidden between their brackets.
I can’t image you elsewhere but this winter landscape,
with your burgundy scarf and the brown leather jacket.

There’ll be only us two if we show just a little patience.
Close your eyes to the world and escape its everyday nuisance.
Sharing a pillow and everything that is gained in translation,
we’ll find a shelter in a forgotten corner of Massachusetts.

Turn the lights off and plastic stars will become fluorescent.
They are glowing for us, illuminating the ceiling’s surface.
Turn the clock to the wall and disregard time’s presence,
Sleep through the alarm and pretend that it doesn’t concern us.

You entered my life out of nowhere. I awoke one morning
with my arm wrapped around you and I kissed your eyelids.
To say that I love you would be saying too much too early.
Let’s just leave it at that, dear, and enjoy the silence.