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Are you a rebel with a cause
Or a martyr on the cross,
On the cross-roads crucified
With your Lucy in the sky
Or perhaps just Mary Jane,
Good enough to ease the pain?
Is your sweetheart by your side,
Stripped of everything, but pride?
Did she choose to step away
Or to taste the pepper spray?
Did she hear the sirens clear,
When the cops, in riot gear,
Rushed against your signs of peace
As though animals released
From the very prison cell
That will soon be your hotel?
Do you feel betrayed by college?
Your investments into knowledge?
Your pursuit of the degree
Which, (of course, we can agree)
Took away the precious time
From the unemployment line?

Do you feel betrayed by parents?
Did they make it seem apparent
That the force of will pays off
If you do not take days off?
Were they lying through their teeth,
Or living life in make-believe?

Do you feel betrayed by teachers?
By your shrink and by your preacher?
By your governor, your mayor?
By your mystical soothsayer?
All of them have made careers
Of feeding bullshit to your ears.

Do you feel betrayed by friends,
Who are sitting on the fence,
In a home, with central heat,
While you’re freezing on the street?
Are the ninety-nine percent,
Sleeping soundly, content?
Though you may be in the dark,
Nonetheless, you chose the park,
Where the color green is pure,
And contains much more allure.
You have proudly made your pick
Not to be another brick
In the Wall Street dissolution.
We commend your resolution.