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On the Brink

The rooster must have certainly been a parrot
Since his call came at two in the afternoon.
I tickled your ribs and you began to unravel,
Until I slipped out of your warm cocoon.

You made me an omelet with cheese and bacon.
I learned that I loved you, but I remained speechless.
We watched, from the balcony, the city awaking,
Embracing the boroughs with stretching bridges.

There was nothing to do and no one around,
So we took the express train into Manhattan.
The electrical worm swerved deep underground.
When we came up for air -- it was already seven.

We ate Middle Eastern, and smoked a hookah.
The scent of jasmine colored the evening lavender.
The moon on the skyline was like a bookmark
As though we would one day return to this avenue.

I remained speechless. The moment was fragile.
A single touch and the clock would beat out of sync.
A couple of words and it could have been tragic.
You and I, -- we were falling in love on the brink...