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You said
melancholy pieces suit me well.
today I dressed up in my Sunday best,
sobbed my belly out
until my stomach swelled…
In places of buttons,
shone on my vest.
Careful not to spill a drop,
I rushed after you
with a mouthful of poetry to recite…
were walking down a half-lit avenue,
dressed seductively
black and white.
I caught up to you on the corner,
caught my breath
and calmly proposed:
I need a shoulder
for the burden of verses that I’ve composed.
Just ask me,
and I’ll dedicate everything to you,
overflowing with grief,
and with tears
to spare.
Help me!
You don’t want me to drown
-- do you? --
in the bottomless void of gloom
and despair?”

You responded with laughter.
You thought I was kidding, --
just some talented actor
playing a role.

You didn’t see all the misery hidden,
like some wonderful treasure,
at the depths of my soul…