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Life is Beautiful!

Take a walk. On the corner, the pigeons --
How they blend with the morning grayness!
Look! There’s beauty in broken hinges,
In the light-bulbs that hang on the staircase.
Life is beautiful! – Come across this,
And you rush to the bathroom, gasping,
Just to stick your head under the faucet.
There are cracks in the evening asphalt,
There are colors forgotten by artists
That have ceased to appear on the palettes,
Muddy sidewalks collapse on your eyelids --
Black and brown, so perfectly balanced!
Learn to worship graffiti, adore the homeless,
Feed stray dogs from the palm of your hand.
Once your learn to accept it with openness,
Life will meet you around the bend.
Out of nowhere, when you’re least expecting it,
It will dawn on you in a simple metaphor.
When you’re late and the traffic is hectic,
Search for grace, style, beauty, etcetera…