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Her Love

I swept the asphalt with my feet
I walked below the dark gray skies
I turned and faced the wind to plead,
“What do I need, what do I need?”
And it replied, “Her eyes, her eyes...”

I heard the wind and froze in place
The world around me seemed so bleak
I faced the sun and asked, half-dazed,
“What do I seek? What do I seek?”
And it replied, “Her face, her face...”

It seemed my sorrow had no ends
Behind me, gold foliage dragged
I asked the cloud, in a trance,
“What do I lack? What do I lack?”
And it replied, “Her hands, her hands...”

The sky was dark and winds were rough
As lightening struck and thunder groaned
I asked the rain from high above
“What do I want? What do I want?”
And it replied, “Her love, her love...”