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How did this happiness happen?
I remember: grayness and the ashes
of the sun's ember dying on the aspen
leaves and on the puddled asphalt
when we went outside for a smoke.
We spoke of old habits. It was all a big joke.
How did this happiness happen?

- Suddenly! In a fraction
of a second, that's all it took!
- An instant attraction?
- All by the book!

- Not quite, we were both hesitant,
neither of us wanted to make...
- But everything seemed so pleasant then,
we didn't want to awake!

- I remember everything lucidly.
the bed-sheets, the throbbing pulse.
the curves of your body were glued to me.
- Is that why you convulsed?

- Electricity in my veins. I shook.
We were two live wires.
- A mere second is all it took
to ignite the fire.

- I remember I answered your call,
You asked: "Lunch at Cappy's?"
- You said, "yes," and that’s really all
that it took to be happy....