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My father-protector, I accepted my fate,
Gave the scepter away like a gift undeserved,
Turned away from the throne,
Threw my thoughts to the winds…
An obedient servant, I continued to serve!
O, forgive me my sins!

On your throne,
He descended like a crow on the cross
And transgressed in your dress, -
All his flaws were exposed.
He defiled your life with his filth, with his lies…
Those incestuous sheets! O, those mischievous eyes!
How they lied in your bed!
How they laughed at my loss!

And an heir to the throne,
I ripped out my hair!
No one thought I would dare, but I dared daring death.
Couldn’t bare all this hate so I bared it at him!
Bared my teeth like a dog at the beast in the snare,
Looked him straight in the eye and inhaled his breath,
And I watched as he shivered like a sheep from the scare.

My father-protector, I walked in your steps,
Put my life on the line, - on the blade of a sword,
Met my foe in discord,  overflowing with strife,--
But I gave you my word that I’d get your revenge,
And I bought this revenge with the price of my life.