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She flung my jacket on the bunk bed,
And as though shocked,
She said, “You aren’t even drunk yet,
Come take a shot!”

She pulled two glasses right away
Out of the cupboard,
And filled them both about half-way
With Southern Comfort.

The two of us sought love and warmth
In mid-October,
I swore to her “From this day forth,
I won’t be sober.”

Each night since then I’m drinking her
Sweet voice and laughter.
I’m drunk with love and I defer
The morning after.

For all the lonely hearts out there,
With sullen faces,
Go out and drink, there’s love to spare.
Get fucking wasted!

From mouth to mouth drink her breath,
No need for chasers!
Then, order more, there is plenty left,
Just ask the waitress.

Go drink her eyes, her hands, her scent,
The color of her lipstick.
Life is so gorgeous when you get
A little tipsy...