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The night collapsed, like a drunk in the street,
Only the wind wailed, like a dog on a chain.
I could not feel the pavement under my feet,
I looked at the passersby with utter disdain.
There was something in this sinister gloom
That made you feel dazed and lost in the crowd,
I opened my jacket, I needed more room, -
I needed to breathe, but my lungs just gave out.
I smelled her perfume, before she appeared.
I tried to decode her mischievous smile.
Her lips, in slow motion, whispered: Come here.
I lowered my eyes like a disciplined child.
The streetlamps were on, but shone rather dimly.
The weather was cold and I started to fidget.
The mist seemed to curl, like smoke from a chimney.
I dared not to move. I stood, frozen rigid.
The grief in her eyes was a mystical riddle,
And try as I might, I just couldn’t ignore it.
A black and white photo, - the moment was brittle,
With nothing to follow, and nothing before it.