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Cadillac, Bar Harbor

The stars burst all around the slopes
Of Cadillac, where we lay, huddled.
The universe - under the microscope!
We, - dazed and befuddled.

Beyond the bend, the sun felt no need
To rush to the harbor’s revival.
Under the veil of night, the speed
Of memory had no rivals.

I strained my eyes, as if I could glimpse
The past, far enough to observe
Every second that passed by since
The quiet day of my birth.

In this bitter cold, with the wind biting
Our limbs, clutching for us in the dark,
A star rolled down, alighting
The sky with a fizzling spark.

The peak of the mountain was then erased
To the width of a needle tip,
Our bodies locked in a warm embrace,
Compressed, so as not to slip.

The universe and our blood pulsating
In step, made a permanent link.
We fell asleep, with the night permeating
Our dreams with its prevalent ink.