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"There were four women in my life..."

There were four women in my life. The first
Reached down and took my heart out of the cradle
And rocked me in her arms until I dreamt
A different world in which I was submersed
I stumbled as we walked. I was unable
To force myself to let go of her hand.

The second one was made out of my rib.
We danced on puddles, calling for more rain,
Played hide-and-seek, and lost each other as
The puddles froze just when I learned to skip.
I never meant to cause her any pain.
I slowly side-stepped through the looking glass.

The third was waiting on the other side,
(Or did I wait for her?) In either case,
She gave me wings and opened up my cage.
She set me loose and I was lost in flight,
(Or was she lost?) Maneuvering with grace,
She vanished in the mist as seasons changed.

The fourth one flashed like lightning in my eyes
And briefly blinded me. When I awoke,
She was still sleeping, tranquil and sublime.
And to this day, she has me mesmerized
Just as the day she asked me for a smoke,
And I will love her till the end of time.