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"O, what a useless waste..."

O, what a useless waste of flesh I am! --
A man with no ambition. What is worse
I laugh at it and do not give a damn,--
I have no conscience, pity or remorse.
I loathe these words – sophists’ inventions
That do not mean a thing. This time
I have accepted that there’s no redemption
For those like me, and furthermore, no crime.
From this day forth, I praise my selfishness!
From this day forth, my will is my command!
I’m made of dirt and I despise embellishments,
Watch as the roses whither in my hand!
I am that homeless with the toothless grin
That seems to stand out in the morning havoc.
I lead a life of excess bliss and sin,
And what is more, I am extremely happy.
The world is on the verge of its demise.
The war to end all wars is now in progress.
I see it all inside your tired eyes.
You play your roles as though predestined actors.
Each step is by the book. How I adore
The shuffle of your feet, the rush-hour traffic!
I am the only man alive, and what is more,
This very day, I am extremely happy.