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"No one cares to bring charges against me..."

No one cares to bring charges against me,
Though I’m guilty of something or other.
Well, for one, I’m in love and my lover
Shares my feelings and loves me immensely.

Though I hardly deserve any freedom,
The authorities choose not to censor me.
I write letters to you and you answer me, -
I write poems to you and you read them.

I see future and it isn’t unbearable,
And the past is the past – let’s not mention it.
The mistakes that I thought could potentially
Tear our lives apart were repairable.

Life is peaceful, - I imagined it turbulent.
And I’m happy, at least, for the moment.
When I imagined becoming a poet, -
I imagined that grief would be permanent.

I imagined more sweat, tears and rage,
I imagined my whole body wrenching.
I imagined a cross, and a crowd and stretching
Arms across centuries, begging for change...