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"My mornings are gray..."

My mornings are gray as if someone lit the
Incense and its smoke spread across the sky.
Not that I’m feeling miserable, just a little
Sad, perhaps, seeing the ink on my paper dry,

Knowing that something has muffled my music.
You’ve left with your mind set. I should not 
Call you back to me. There’s really no use in
Opening wounds when you’ve tied the knot.

My mornings are gray. I’ve learned to accept
Even the worst hands that life dealt out,
Because, in the end, nothing changed except
Autumn is colder this time around.

Clouds cover the campus  in mystical haze,
Keeping the roadways concealed in its cloak.
The building we lived in appears out of place
Or maybe I'm lost in the cigarette smoke,

But without you near, I don’t know where to turn.
Recalling each step, like an Alzheimer’s patient,
As I’m walking back home, dejected and stern,
Not smiling, gloomy, depressed and impatient.

Dejected, I stray without purpose. It’s autumn.
Everything’s barren and waiting for snow.
I’m all alone here and I’m dying of boredom.
Something is missing. And it’s someone I know.