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"Let's set some time aside for love..."

Let’s set some time aside for love.
We’ll wake up early in the morning,
Concerned with work we’re dreaming of,
Which always proves to be concerning.

I’ll make the bed and brush my teeth.
You’ll make a toasted turkey sandwich
For me to take to work. We’ll leave
On time for once. Somehow, I’ll manage

To teach my students to graph lines
Without a graphing calculator
To reproduce - change over time -
A wage made by an average waiter.

You’ll search for errors in some code
(It’ll prove to be an extra comma).
The sun will sink. We’ll hit the road
And think about the passing summer.

We’ll throw out trash and do the dishes.
We’ll eat our dinner, clean the table
And crash down on the couch, wishing
To sleep a bit, but won’t be able.

We’ll go online and search for faucets,
Discuss refinishing the basement
And how our bedroom needs more closets,
And just before the evening’s wasted,

We’ll light a smoke and drink some wine
To ease our headaches just enough
For us to pause and find some time
To set some time aside for love…