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"Learn to forgive the poets..."

Learn to forgive the poets.
        Don’t reprove
for too much zeal,
    when words turn cruel and rough.
We’re wonder workers –
        we attempt to move
not mountains,
    but hearts of those we love.
Learn to ignore the passion,   
        when it’s spilled,
like blood on snow,
    onto the turning pages.
Poetic hearts, though tame,
        cannot be stilled.
They’re wild beasts
    that sleep in metal cages.
Learn to provide for poets,
            to accept
supporting roles
    by which we are inspired
and learn to drain
        until there’s nothing left,
then drain some more
      to keep alive the fire.
But mostly, learn to listen:
            that’s the art!
To see eternity
    in evanescent moments.
Once you detect
    their faintly beating hearts,
then (only then!),
    you’ll learn to love your poets.