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"I've searched for my love..."

I've searched for my love in the most unlikely of places,
translated ancient manuscripts from Hebrew and Latin,
studied the hieroglyphs in the pyramids’ basements,
meditated for months on the mountaintop, in a cabin,
achieved enlightenment, but found it all irrelevant,
wandered the streets of Boston, naked and penniless,
picked up prostitutes on the corner outside of my tenement,
made love to all of them, but it was false and strenuous…
gave money to charity, broke bread with lepers and thieves,
drowned my sorrow nightly in bars and taverns,
beheld the spectrum, observing the changing leaves,
groped my way through the ruins of Rome and Athens,
converted to all religions, and renounced them violently,
smoked weed and cigarettes, and became rather restless,
Suddenly, she appeared out of nowhere, and asked me quietly,
“I’ve been waiting for you, will you join me for breakfast?”