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What Makes Eternal Different from rest of the anthology series?
It is created as a personalized dedication series which means most of the poems are dedicated to someone or for some better causes eg. Nature, eco-workers, parents & grand parents, lovers,kids, eternity and even dedicated to other poets of our own group. These words of dedication appearing below the poems make it really true to read and enjoyable giving much sensitivity to each lines.

See Release of Eternal By Prof. Vanamala Vishwanatha(Bangalore University)

A short and beautiful preface is written by one of our poet - Dr. Ashima Gulati.
Poems are classified into similar groups like nature,friendship,love,life,women,spirituality and wisdom. Each of this subdivision are beautifully initiated by a small write up by our selected poets based on their basic instinct and style of writing

Nature - Sri Subramanian
Friendship - Krishna Kumar Gurumayum
Love - Nidhi Bajaj
Life - Tirthankar Bandhyopadhyay
Women - Uma Nandhini
Spirituality - Sarbeswar Meher
Wisdom - Surekha Anandraya Bhat
The back cover write up is written by our Best Poet of 2008 Winner Sunila Khemchandani.
For nice look and feel and for its durability the book cover is laminated and it is given an extra plastic folder protection also.
Eternal has around 60 poems.
All these making it as a wonderful personalized collection
that is going to be remembered by poets and their loved ones forever.

For copies please contact gop.personal@gmail.com