praise on Creation... poems about God and nature
By David Weller, aka poetspirit

Clean Up the Air

I see far beyond,
I seek over yonder...

the clouds are building,
I note and I ponder...

climate is changing,
my mind do I wonder...

shall we clean our air,
my forecasting fonder?

Beach grass

waves of beach grass sway
in silent majority,
tireless resplendence

Times change, love remains

things do change,
that is true,
though out of range
still loving, you

the time's dear,
matters who,
the signs I fear
still loving, too


green ecology,
a healthy environment,
cannot lose the war


mountains, now topless;
streams, rivers, now are toxic;
unwelcome to seas


storms still come and go
but their intensity woes
detract all our lives

The Score

is it drought we want,
or floods and wind damages?
carbon sets the score


doesn't matter if
you are left, right, center when
there's much pollution


"I don't know enough."
"I have climate set on no."
That's disappointing.


leadership reminds
constituents urgency--
too much air carbon

Energy by God

sunshine, breeze, rain, waves
flow into my life today
energy by God


make good with the Earth
nature gives more than you think
it's God's, we're stewards


Sunny skies in my workday
Cooling breezes in my way

Red-ripe fruit I do partake
Dreaming after I awake

There is nothing to compare
To God's Creation, o fair

You are the One

You are the One,
You brighten up the morning,
You put colors in sunrise,
Your flowers bed aborning,
You make the day set!

You are the One, 
You dim the evening,
You put colors in sunset,
Your bees home appeasing,
You make the night yet!

Holy Light

The Shine
that lights the whole

The Star
that sight's the steep

The Sun
that charms the deep

The Sear
that warms the soul


On a starry night...
One lone star shines bright--

Through a wide desert...
Three wise men advert--

On a lowly farm...
Beasts of burden charm--

A holy manger...
Jesus in danger--


The Word is eternal...

Is the earth round?
That's science sound.

Are the clouds high?
As high as the sky.

Things are evident,
Compliance spent.

Creation's external...

Moon glow on a windy night

Moon glowing on a windy night
Branches passing stars all bright
Black crows gawking menacing cat
Faith restores my sense of that


Jesus. The bread of life!
Endless, flowing stream.
Life everlasting!
For our head and heart.
What a start... Christ!
Feed my soul!

Our Love

like a waterfall,
our love is on time

like a babbling brook,
our love does so pine

like an old river,
our love is in rhyme

like a vast ocean,
our God is yours, mine

Praise God!

Mountains so high,
they reach to the sky

Mountains so true,
their distance is blue

Mountains so great,
their boulders create

Mountains so view,
sing praises to You

The three crosses

Green grass, and rolling hills
Standing trees, trolling still
Blue brooks, babbling streaming
Sturdy shrubs shining sheening

Three crosses, stand erect
Jesus, two thieves elect
Three men, He never lied
Jesus Christ was crucified


stars in the heavens
hallowed be thy game

brightness in darkness
endless flames

the heavens at night
shine in God's name

our Savior even
puts darkness to shame

Sweet as the flowers

Sweet as the flowers
that bloom in May

Sweet as the air
that circles and sways

Your love comes to me
in a Way that may

Come to stay
Like a child in play

Lord, thank you
for today

Thank you for
Your loving away

Your faith, hope and love

Your Faith is like a river rock,
it stands in case...

Your Hope is like a tender leaf,
it shines apace...

Your Love is like an open flower,
it blooms with grace...

David Weller 

     Although I've been known to sketch an occasional political poem, I've written a variety of both sacred and secular, short poems on many internet sites since 2004.

      Also, I've been in independent reform politics on the web, since 1998.

     Please see my profile.  God bless.

Copyright 2011 David A Weller