were my indy files (36-40) made with word?

... that is to say, I am not sure if I made them with Word ... in fact ... i am pretty sure i didn't . .. . so then started converting files they save to Word code (starting somewhere in 2002 (though i just saw a dead site from 2003 that didn't have that sacrilege perped upon them, another though, namely back ups of the commercial name owners/overtakers/takeoverers ... veroveraar is conquerors in dutch), .. cause later version of 28 are Word encumbered, burdened and bloated but earlier ones are not). Gosh Josh, and here i am thinking and apparantly in vain, hoping that archive org is an idealist outfit.

Problem with 36 - 41 (last issue) as found at archiveorg (with the wayback machine) might then be that they were created/saved post Billy Gates take over/infiltration, respectively the sell out cq succesfull bribing of these so called idealists. .......

Well, meanwhile i have had time to check and must simply conclude that there are no versions old enough to escape this fate. Period. Another reason to see and save earlier work of mine through there only. If you do at all of course. Please. Thanks.

Issue 8 was thought to be missing till i found out march 2001 of the logbriefer series got counted as 8 (2001) and half of it is indy derived blogging (avant la lettre).

Saw 2 black salamanders on a perilous, half washed out path by a river with the size and colourwise prettiest collection of gravel you ever wanna see yesterday.

Another thing i sort of regret doing myself yesterday (nothing to do with saving versions of my work in time cause unlike for mentioned files, i do have backups of originals for these) and stop doing today is turning most white text in the older indy files grey (while setting the monitor darker is the more sensible thing to do).

On a monday the 28th of may snow falls in Schangnau ...... and i explain in and outs regarding the (Arguelles Tweak Of) Mayan Calendar (hereafter ATOMC) to a fellow Wwoofer (from Korea who like a true asian won't divulge his birthday) that he better beware of a particular brand of timers he is perilously close to (seeing that the emailadres of his host is tipi13_20 (at yahoo).

The symbolfarmers (known variously as kin, pan family, dreamspellers and other as yet unceasing reinventions) are fishing in my rainbow pond (not that i ever caught as much .. .or no wait, rather, exactly bycause i never caught as much as i would have liked but thought i could either), they try the borrow, ride and surf on the waves of awe, reverence and accuracy derived charisma surrounding such things as Futhark, Quran, knowledge of Sirius, etcetera.

Looking closer though, one can't help but notice they add their spices, little twists, perfectly patentable, a homegrown crop of symbols, fresh batch every year .... which pull and divert you away from their stated goals (peace and garden culture) with and into an interminable tangle and profusion of symbol shufflery (mind ((over matter)) games).

I mean, what's the difference between Sirius and Mekka?

Just look at the atrocious patriarchality of Dogon and Quran toters both, their is so little difference that one has to resort to resemblances to even say anything about them at all beyond their obvious racial variation (and who cares about which rung of the diffusion ladder we now and/or once occupy or in what sequences we settle and migrate if we can't come up with a sensible concept of borders, limits, obstacles challenges and aims in the first place? Personally i don't think half of even the simplest stuff Arguelles dreams up and promotes to galactic inherence makes any sense).

The Dogon, those purported to have plugged into that divine source, and the Quran (same thing, Sirius is the only star mentioned therein so how the man (Khalifa) who has turned all its bloodthirsty text into Eichmannesque numbers (convenient, clean ((mathematical miracle, 19 code)) and clansomely kinlike no?) translated with galaxy is someting our intergalactic emissaries gearing up to win worldwar4 hands down with telepassionthy is something even they find inaccurate, not to mention what havoc it will play with the meticulous 'gematrickalculations'.

Anyway, before this turns into another rant at these idiots who recruit amongst i love as much as all of you politically motivated would do good wooders (rainbow family to wit) I must return to the explanation for why i returned to my attempts at understanding and pointing a way out/in for/to peaceful worldtop protesters including the socalled black block .. .but not before one last stab at them.

According to a man named Aaron in South Africa (who may or may not be the man responsible for and who reproduces a guy named Blum's traditional/archaic interp of the runes (talk of sacrifice and decision doesn't really get ((THROUGH)) to the G8, no matter how much it may appeal to the poor and oppressed) unquestioningly. Decision is meant to have an ultra- and/or microlocal radial righteous/upright and straight up version to reflect its true meaning (urteil = verdict but also most ancient share, separate, aim; vor gericht = in court; richtig = right; Dutch gerechtigheid = justice, etcetera, all tying in to my humble gospel of humility/humus, climate cycles and most purposeful, costeffective and enjoyably forceful effort application). --xxx-- Also, before I rant on about the drawbacks of the calendar crowd yet again, I would like to mention a positive take (wholly besides and apart from their matri like tzolkin and such do o so resemble the manymash screens folds, filters and layers i so hotly desire to produce that cold multiash my mama gaia is telling me to cool her heals with, so well! ... did osho ever do calendars? And what made Dan Winter drop them so consequently?).

The fact that Quran lovers, Dogon etcetera are so thoroughly on the wrong side of the sexual paradox (see Chris King's work with that title and dot org url name) does constitute some sort of challenge in the tradition of wiedergutmachung, reparation, repatriation, demobilization, apart from that or rather not so far out in fact, is the parallel effort of the anti-G8 crowd to contest their turf (not to mention legitimacy).

Bold and brave heading to the lion's den, naive idealists straying into the heart of the monster, belly of the beast etcetera, ..... time to repeat my plea to the G8 masterminders and puppetplayers: QUIT FUCKING UP MY BIRTHDAY with your provocative show of strength and pompous ceremoniality, socalled consensed as in voted for and thus sanctioned decision diddulldo deadlying.


indy4-5-6-selections.html this one will include a few excerptsof 7, 8 and 9 as well 





lokkertjes die haren tenberge doen rijzen
slokkertjes die hen grijs en drabhankgerig doen zijn
klokkertjes waardoor/langs/mee ze je hen uit je kop doen rukken