late july 2014
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all my notes for 2014 .. thus far ...
i've been busy on Google+ for most of this year and only yesterday discovered
that a non-circler gets to see posts no fresher than from last april (nearly 3
months old) which i find inacceptable and therefore make all them available here
my shares and comments to my G+ circlers
youtube comments
60 playlists with over 6000 vids
the noughties
late nineties

this is how this began (early 2011 ... all the notes of that year are around here someplace too ... ):

this file contains notes i pasted here last time i wanted to deal with google editables ... februari 2011 i guess

 ..... i usually break off the effort due to excessive whiteness and frustration over the fact they offer no skin buttons and the ones they do offer are counter intuitive to someone with a solid netscape composer history (use it still, .. again, after a few years of frontpage):

earlier efforts

still earlier is here too but i abandoned mostly due to the fact it will take only one file at a time, which tempts folks to make humongous files .. which ceases up slower boxes and eggs the owners on to save their money for Gates ... etcetera. Yuk.

11th hour ... i have a disfunctional copy .. trying again .. with this torrent link .. that went really fast ... i've already shared over 7 of the 700 megs about again too!

official dvd sale pitch page
put up on june 2nd 2008
DiCaprio who's in it, on it (along with a colleague or the director or something) nearly a year earlier:

so far it's the most levelheaded flick of this (zeitgeistian) ilk i have seen ... did 'the end' start this trend???? Very professional footage and mixing the good with the bad a little more often/earlier ... but 15 minutes in there is not strategy other than point to the honour and ethics we lost. No mention of cannibalism. Wonder where the cure comes in ... other
than in that interview where the female urges those who will end up on the other side of the camera (mirror - burial site - see Krapp) she communicates with, to just go visit the action site and join a group

Andy Revkin mentions the 'goldilock effect', earth being in between too close and hot venus and too cold and far mars

Joseph Tainter is another person i haven't really ever focused on before

if you like Dirt! The movie
if you like places like
you may like Uli Mohr (Ulrich, FamilienVater, aber geht auch manchmal in hohe Hacken und Minirock herum anscheinend), did books (sold through Hugendubel) and (music) CD: Ziel - Los zur Mitte
Bernbeuren - schongau 49 8595 214335

i quoted Ken yesterday, here's more:

I say again, if a street vendor can kick off a global revolution, imagine the power of the people united, intelligent, fearless and indomitable.  We can achieve any damn thing we commit to.  I say we destroy the banking system and replace it with genuine currencies of real value serving simply as a means for fair and ethical trade.  I say we default on all of our loans to the criminal banks, both personal and national, and start over.  I say we make criminals of the merchants of death who produce weapons of mass-destruction.  And I say we sail to Palestine by the thousands and turn Israel’s ruthless, mass-murdering, fourth largest military in the world into an impotent irrelevance.

Why not?

He posted a bunch of children's pictures here (+21):
young egyptian lass .. quite fluent in english and a t-shirt on saying 'i love my country, it's the gvt i'm afraid of.
5000 Vs in a day's time - only vid by this person
Ken posted a vid yesterday with mainstream footage for the most part .... some horror interspersed ... i think that has to be dismissed as a waste of time. Hypocrisy exposed is not the same as demoting it .. and that might take AP. In the 6th minute Ken comes on.

wow, he is wonderful.

One thought struck me repeatedly over the last 12 hours:
all the assurances Egyptian military is passing out to the people not to use violence against them ...  should really and instead be interpreted, not as direct threats but certainly as immediate betrayal bycause though they may indeed (continue to) do nothing as they promise, does that not also mean they won't touch Mubarak ... and with him leave all the .. i mean unacceptible thumbscrews and ugly squeezes in place or just move a few around for window dress refress purposes????????

If so, the military's behaviour is (and does constitute) a betrayal of the people's will and keeps on hewing closely to those who deliver them uncouth boytoys, their own overseas paymasters (in turn hijacked by sattelites who serve an occupation of their neighbours, it's complicated).

In other words, the egyptian military is being just as much on the schizfritz as the EU (which is why PC medimums makes no bones about it, delivering mealy-mouth support for the people but really continuing to back their mean chaindogz, pettily petting petty tyrants, propping adversaries, leeches and nemeses).

You call regimes "puppet government states that are not honouring their people" (in minute 10 and a quarter of your latest quarter of an hour vid) and no doubt correctly. You have also seen more military butts whether at rest or on the move and accomplishing worse than nothing in at least half those cases.
And it so happens that your aims and stated goals i can not only share wholeheartedly but i believe they won't become reality unless not just i but the military ranks happen to hear, manage to understand and succeed in joining you .... and me, should they get sick of their toys and hot for my musical rockgrinders due to as yet untranspired and so nondisclosable reason.

If not that, what IS it gonna take before the Egyptian military begins to gently but persuasively convey folks like Mubarak to the compost belt where they can begin to work and/or live out and/or off their evil days... to Tel Aviv maybe?? ... unleashing a wholesome chain reaction series of similar leech ousting events?

the above posted here (last of 17 comments, item before it is into the eighties now)

.... but i dared not post the rest:
Surely not this type of stuff ..

     "Sounds about right. "Master" Lin and his cult got a hold of my husband when my daughter was 3 months old and her brother was 3. That was 15 years ago. My now ex husband squandered every dime of our money on this cult. I lost my home of 17 years and the 80K of equity. He's now overe 50 k in arrears on CS. He admitted in his contempt trial a year ago that while the kids and I were being put out of our home with no money even for a moving truck, he was up at Superior Shores, in a resort, paying for his umpteenth go round at whatever level.
the guy who gave up wife, house and kids for the dubious privilege of pouring money into the Christian Chinaman hybrid Chi Goong cult run by ChunYi Lin in Eden Prairie (right alongside DU 'enriched ammo producing Alliant). Read Art Planet Chronicles (link in last month second file) about the final battles being between armies and meditators).

I don't pretend to have figured out how far and in what way Arguelles pipedream applies or might relate to these versions of pretentious immobilization. I do know though that it detracts, distracts and in all conceivable ways counteracts and lacks awareness of benefits from let alone preference for application of muscle smarts and their (hopefully balanced and) combined force along vertical axis in a sense that serves the memes coming to the fore in 'Dirt! The movie' and my work.

This happens to be on topic (in a 'more of same' sense) in light of comments from Rowan's blog i happened to read last nite (which are from november 25th)

another (longer) one (by

Rak Razam any relation to Rampage?????????????????????
can't spot them mentioned on the same page

is Drew just a guy unbelievably pretentious about a cold feet remedy????

a wiki-like site via a 'new Drewer' that attempts to be up-front about content grades and reputes:
Leon Maurer
the page before it has a source link:
leads off into a thicket of slightly off-putting heaps of spam and spoof ... but we're still on Maurer's tail i guess. Prolly smart to go straight to with that URL

go from here if you want to save a few steps:

a collection of his logos and bizznizzCards:

here a (short) Maurer criticism (also quite old obviously, since it links to an aol homepage,, none of which are extant any longer, ... yup, 04), a comment on the Sokalian qualities/taints of his work (wait till he discovers Drew):

he is really enamoured of public figures .. and partial to those that are partial to NY, like this Poet-O and another piper in point is a case who can be viewed in the upper portions of this half a year's worth of beautiful photographs .. or to be more specific: posted early last december

one of the pics prompts me towards much preffered twittrings, thither:
tree swallows consider and (s)weigh up(on) a test box
.. only 811 views since may 11th 09 ... well connected urbanites are putting their 'connectivity' towards con acts a la Goldman Sachs i guess, to busy to look at motivators to discourage and dismantle them hotbeds of chicanery.

'exposureroom has, not a lot, but some nice bluegrass too:

40 vid-snips on the first of 3 pages for all kinds of birds .. they are all extremely short though, merely 7 above half a minute, only just.
nice, a tod narrating swallow behaviour with piano music

Aaahhh, the perks of big-city life, good old Freudian art

gees, after all that i discover this:

Les Paul and Len Maurer at the iridium club jammin
can't find footage or aud of it ...

sarah jarosz
i like 'My muse'

must have linked this musical Rowan post yesterday:
that 1 line comment (about being blown away and thanks) won't go through though .. nope, ... didn't
crashes ff .. N9 works fine

let's do another switcheroo in the hippie soldier tether tooter here.

Craig Cobb is on to his next stunt (after the Kalispell caveman stint):
Chilean Doesn't Bring Semi To Airport Accost w/Rothschild FR Shabbos David Rockefeller-Jan 17 2011
From: CraigCobbAdventureJ | February 01, 2011  | 37 views

he is also calling the Mississippi prison that holds a mr Nash, doing time for being caught in the act of poking a prize pig (righties speculate on the flavor of ribs thus preseasoned).

He wants to know if Mr Nash is willing to run as obama's next pig in a poke mate on the quadrillion dollar ticket.

spricket does Beer! (finally catch a vid in the triple instead of the sextuple digits ... 200 more comments than views). she goes 'hurts my soul'. Wonder if i should scold her for a cramped sense of self. Certainly hurts mine. Truth is, drinking hurts all sorts of beings. Most souls hurt when they are prevented from breathing way through & beyond the tiny parts of it that can be said to characterize humanity. The only soul we have to share with rock and bird alike yet fuck up and stand to lose if it all goes on much longer like this. Sprickey leads her subjects to hell quite like Mubarak does, though he just scolded his people, pawning his evil deeds off on them. The inverse of our little prickspeak here who blames the emblematic weaponized stockpilification from waaaaaaaay back at the beginning of the wrong turns made &remade along the ever lengthening to the nowhere grade.
Have to resort to 'Radhe Radhe' ... by Wah now, that's how upsetting i found you vid

'where are your women?' the indians asked?
oh... mine is making sure that our foetus is gonna be disturbed enough to spur employment in the healthcare sector .. working for my CUNTREE aint a??

februari 2nd

spricky got 16thou views overnite and the comments are lagging by a cool 30 fold now  .. but hey, that's what you get for scrapping them, mine amongst them.

blessed memory surplus, make my day
the global sufficiency outfit has a nice logo ... and a song:

Thanks go out to Lisa Rogers and The Therapy Sister’s for this wonderful song!
"The Jews are addicted to propaganda."
Yup, SMartists, cirkus freak salesmen

apparantly a fairly mystical and 'neo-hippie' type 'docu' that gets very mixed reviews at documentary heaven, here's the blurb:

‘The Collective Evolution’ is a documentary aimed at showing the current state of the world, why it needs to be changed, and how each and every one of us can play a role in changing it. The documentary addresses this need for change through five individual yet interrelated structures society has come to rely upon –finance, education, religion, entertainment/ media, and health/ food. Each of these structures is fully broken down to show viewers how they have come into place, and why their continued existence can no longer be supported. The documentary concludes by drawing attention to consciousness. Addressing who we truly are, what we have come on this planet to do, and most importantly how we can go about doing it.
the first 3 minutes are good and convince me this is a rainbow family like effort (as i suspected):

Wotie on croppies
sober lass, mom, artist .. thanks for the hint about Robert Plutchik rainbow colour coded flower emo-gram (4 pair short of 64), about which i find more via cyril sellam first: .. be patient .. let it grow ... a semite with vanity to match the guitaoist .. he has a knack for building websites too .... try later

Jesus help me to stand - Alison song i hear on grooveshark for the first time .. song 60 of 200 bluegrass ones ... and played like .. over 40 times in a row .. 

.. it's not like i notice, make note, nor remark on this for the first time but pointing to handiwork bears repeating lest we all hang on bastard ex- n abstraction trees and end up being at someone else's fingertips, the vague avunculures of vanity .. cursed with touchy midas hi-freq wrecktradears on wallowstr... woelaw street .. whatever that hellhole's called: "darkness retreats at the touch of your hand"

aint that like using crude manual tools to crush rock by hand to feed the compost to feed the soil to feed bulkiest yet diffusest end of the chain of being????

and aint it that kernel of truth that always ends up being stolen from to serve purposes that actually detract from its functioning to the point we can call it a matter of meme/ memory (evolutionary, ecologically, cultural .. you name it) hi-jack, were truth as proven practice gets demonized, discouraged, prosecuted and finally hidden as thing that counteracts efforts of perps to subject people .. not balking at maiming, poisoning or plain tying their hands. Thus we have a overlays and layers leaning on true attraction so thickly and heavily, this burden reaches the point of suffocation, making it hard to make out what the fuzz was in the first place.

If primates went from treehouse villages in a garden culture to mechanized monocultures and slums dotted with very few rich spots we can prolly manage to retrace our steps ... but the efforts to popularize this perspective have all failed so far.

'jesus saviour, help me each day, fill me with hope, fill me with faith .. darkness retreats at the touch of your hand .. jesus saviour, help me to stand ... shoals of grief (the shovel regiment, the metal dole/dignity) ... jesus went through darkest pain, ejected by men despising shame died for me, cancelled my debt (cat sold my debt! HAH!) at calvary ... 
I think the whole jesus thing symbolizes the beginning of the end of schizoid metal use.

Hitherto metal turned into ornament, coins and swords, beast of burden not yet at all, 

coins: sharpening the lying trait to trade more impunitoutly treacherous swords: the pure barbaric bloodlettery.

One stage melting into and melding with another in a poly-rhythmic inter-regional plague- and calamity-like fashion).

Then Jesus was like the John for Cernunnos, whose guild like practitioners may have informed and inspired him. That is, the sort of commonest of common senses described in the boldened lines.

foreshadowing a legal dirt day in the UK less than a week from now:

Israel Shamir (that’s me) is a veritable lightning rod for smear jobs. Some folks can’t take the heat, and frankly, I don’t blame them. The Sweeney letter accuses me of being an “anti-Semite” and a “Holocaust denier”. Presumably it will be repeated in the broadcast. To ensure their case is fireproof, the BBC has hired expert “anti-Semitism fighter” Professor Richard Evans; the BBC spares no expense when the game is afoot. Evans was an expert witness in the David Irving libel trial, and walked away with  seventy thousand pounds from the court and a grand total of a quarter of a million pounds altogether for “fighting” anti-Semitism. This windfall overexcited the Professor and, eager to repeat the coup, he tried to frame a feminist scholar Diane Purkiss for Holocaust denial as she expressed some unusual thoughts about… no, not Jews but witches in medieval England.

Rowan: i-see-no-particular-reason-to-trust-shamir-myself/
says the man who does like wikileaks .. whereas he accuses Shamir of a 1998 act that foreshadows and preplicates a network he is now a small part of and happy to be associated with?????