♥ The tree to knowledge of good and evil

By the firmament, the heaven works on earth. By the firmament, the heaven makes the heavenly spirit valid. And on the firmament we find the sun, the moon, and the stars, and we find the clouds. The light is attention, and the rain is encouragement.

If we let the lights be the son, the cloud is the daughter of heaven. By The Son, The Holy Spirit is made current, and by The Daughter, The Spirit of Truth is made current. The Daughter encourages the growth to get strength and to show up, for the attention to be effective, as truth and justice. The Holy Spirit is love, and the Spirit of Truth is the conscience.

Clouds are basically water found on Earth which by the work of the sun is raised to form clouds. The Daughter is thus basically carnal, as the earth is. But The Daughter is sacred as the offspring of God.

The rain is not the light. The rain is matter, and the matter must be justified. By its effect, the cloud depends on the light. The Daughter depends on the Son.

Materialized on the earth, the son and the daughter are fire and water. Fire and water are not in conflict with each other. Fire and water live peacefully side by side as what earth essentially is, and water sees the fire as the earth God-given drive. As heavenly, the two are united by the rainbow, which is the sign of the Son.

Prophets throughout history have made The Girl applicable. The Girl is wisdom where The Son is truth, and The Girl is smell (smelling) where the Son is taste (tasting).

The girl's birthday is Pentecost. Pentecost comes on the fiftieth day after Jesus rose from the dead on Easter Sunday, the day after 7 x 7 days have passed since resurrection. At Pentecost, it dawned on humanity what really happened at Easter, and what it meant, what took place. And conscience was awakened. The disciples of Jesus were gathered at Pentecost, and for the disciples, conscience woke by tongues of fire which came and took them in possession, and the disciples began to speak in foreign tongues, as the Spirit gave them. The spirit we here think of, is the Spirit of Truth. The Spirit of Truth is the conscience. Jesus had foretold that he would ask the Father to send the Spirit of Truth to earth after he was risen, and at Pentecost this really happened. Jesus' disciples were the ones who the Girl on earth was awakened by. Conscience arose, therefore, by the disciples.

About 600 years before Christ, Jeremiah prophesied God at some point would give man a new heart and a new mind. The girl awakened in the man this was.