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Thank you - MuseScore

Ai wish to show my gratitude to the people of MuseScore. When aI downloaded the score making program in the middle of December 2015, it was with a certain reluctance. Ai acknowledged aI had been broken by medication forced upon me. Ai was hardly able to check the afforded versions of my tax returns, and those were simple, and aI thought the program would be too complicated for me to make use of. Ai quickly saw, though, this aI could do, and aI started by making simple presentations of the songs aI first made, in the year of 2003. Since then aI have grown, by the aid of MuseScore. Not so much by the many possibilities, more by the simplicity and encouragement of the presentation of the program. And, thanks to God, aI have made much music, thanks to that program. Ai am very grateful to the people affording it, and this short thing aI hope will be something MuseScore, as a company, can make use of. That thing has one point to many. And, that is appropriate, aI think.

Ai have presented that little piece of music to MuseScore on Blog © Trixnix | here |.

The scores are presented on Kindly find the music notation on Google Drive | here |.

Ai do not know who is playing.
The performance is fantastic.