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To SoundCloud

SoundCloud is the company delivering all music on Trixnix. Ai am highly impressed, and satisfied, with the service, and after aI made this short composition, God gave me aI should suggest SoundCloud uses it, as logo, for free. As aI understand it, SoundCloud is a Swedish company, established in 2008, with headquarters in Berlin, in Germany.

If one in SoundCloud sees it fit, one may, of course, make excerpts of this piece of music, to use in special conditions. Once given, one can, of course, do with it what one wants.

Ai have made a formal statement of the case on Blog © Trixnix, on the blogpost | To the company SoundCloud |.

Kindly find the music notation on Google Drive | here |.

To the Asian
- for the Western to see

The original title of this short composition was "To the Asian". The Asian is not a juridical subject, as such.

This piece of music aI wrote intending it to provoke people from Asia, a little. Ai hope the Asiatic people enjoys it.

Ai do not know who is playing.
The performance is fantastic.