The history of the world

The history of the world we may grasp if we go to the kitchen or the bathroom and look at the sink. Essential in that arrangement is the water.

Let Adam be the water given. Let Adam be fresh water running through the history of the human kind, and let Adam have temperature. Let Adam be the life of the human being. Adam lived approximately 4000 years before Christ.

Let Abraham be the water faucet. By the water faucet the water is ordered. By the water faucet the water is let running or the water jet is blocked, and the temperature is mixed. Abraham, it is written, was justified by faith. Abraham lived approximately 2000 years before Christ.

Let Moses be the filter in the water faucet. By the filter, the water is concentrated. By Moses, the Law is given, and by the Law, human kind is intensified and organized. Moses lived approximately 1300 years before Christ.

Let John the Baptist be the glass being filled up by water. By the glass, or the mug, the water is picked up, coming to it's destination in the material world. By John the Baptist, the love was practised. John the Baptist let the love fill people, and he let the love cleanse people. John the Baptist lived at the time of Christ.

Let Jesus Christ be the sink. God came from above as Jesus, stated that love is what John the Baptist shows it to be, and that love is more. Love is the basin. Love is the Son of Man. Love is the successful outcome not necessarily dependent on the strict organization of the water faucet. The sink is the gathering up.

Let Vaccinius be the drain in the sink. By the drain, the water is pictured, and it goes back to the nature by which a circulatory is given. The drain can be blocked by a plug. But there is normally a security drain in the upper side of the sink, hindering overflowing, so the picturing may both be general and individual. Vaccinius came to the world approximately 2000 years after Christ.

This is a picture of what is.

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