The life

If we make the life of the world a clock showing twenty four hours, life was sown by Adam at three o’clock. The life is The Son. And Jesus Christ is He. By Adam the earth conceived. Adam understood what it means for man to be a wife to God and he established The Son as the meaning of life.

The Son flowered at six o’clock by Christ. Jesus was the creation of The Son. By Jesus the world acknowledged The Son and The Son was by God verified. It was like if the crop exploded in colours, giving joy and expectations.

We have now come to nine o’clock. We have come to the autumn. It is time for the crop to be harvested. Doing so, we will be able to take the corn to the mill and later make bread and cakes of the harvest. The Son will turn to principles. The principles will give life in a new way. We may look at the wheat and the oats on the field at summertime, but it is first when the corn is harvested, grinded and made to bread we effectively make use of it.