The gospel

How is the death of Christ saves man? The explanations we hear today are stupid. Should Jesus identify with a sinner? It is ridiculous. Should justice step down to evilness? It is stupid to say so. The gospel is sensible. But we do not grasp it before we understand the position of The Son.

Jesus Christ is The Son of God. He unites the contradiction between God and man, between man and woman, between heart and mind, by being so. The son is his father’s excuse and his mother’s revelation. He is the one the heart longs for and the one the mind focuses on. Being in his father’s name he vitalizes his father and by being the purpose with his mother he vitalizes her. The son is what we will forward to. The son is our love. The daughter, differently, is our conscience. By the son of ours we typically love God. By the daughter of ours we typically love our neighbour.

At Christmas we celebrate that The Son is born. The Son comes to life in a number of ways and in different times both to culture and to the actual being. Thus, what we in fact celebrate, that is, what we in fact are thinking of with regards to the baby of ours, may differ. But The Son is the meaning of life. The creation of Jesus Christ changed the world completely by the faith given mankind in the development of life, by hope given to the future.

If we are arrested in one way or another we will, if we have integrity, want to prove ourselves to be of God. If we commit a sin, we will distance from the sin and want to give the impression we are not that kind of beings. And God let us do that. A fall is always followed by a call, and the call is the baby Christ. We are not eternally condemned by the damnation of our acts, but we are given the opportunity to prove to God and to the world we are made differently. If we take the chance, this is Christ born. The Son of ours gives us the opportunity to show love.

But The Son went to the cross and died, from where he rose and went to The Father. This we celebrate at Easter. The Son, the way we have created him, will not cement our lives. This is salvation for the one doing good. Since The Son does so, and Jesus showed this to be the case, we will not live the life of our son as if it was our destiny. The Son went to the cross – and to The Father. We will be justified by God, not by the outcome of our own creations. We will in this life never be really saved. Justification of our love in this world will always come short compared to justification of the Love itself, compared to the holy judgement of Christ. And evil minded people may try to reduce or kill our efforts. When this happens, we know Jesus stood up again and went to The Father. Truth is in the hands of God.

But when Jesus went to the cross He also gave hope to the sinner. Since The Son does, the sinner does not have to live out the consequences, that is the life, of his sin. He is saved since the life of his actions went to His death. But The Son rises from the dead and goes to The Father. Jesus did. So the sinner must regret his ways and make himself dependent upon Christ – his Saviour. Or else Jesus will not be.

One may wonder if the disciples of Jesus fully understood why Jesus went to the cross. But Maria Magdalena did. She anointed Jesus with very precious oil and washed His feet with her tears to prepare Him. By her the woman of the world gave her blessing.

Seven full weeks after Jesus was crucified, on the fiftieth day after His death, we celebrate Pentecost. Conscience, that is The Spirit of Truth, then came into the world. The Spirit manifested itself as fire taking each and every one of the disciples of Jesus in possession, and the disciples started to speak the gospel in strange tongues. The Conscience is The Daughter. Where The Son is The Love, The Daughter is The Conscience. She was given the world by God for the world to understand what had happened by the crucifixion of The Son, and She came to stay. The daughter is wisdom. Where The Son is The Truth, The daughter is wisdom. By Her the disciples became apostles.

This is the gospel in short. If we believe in this, if we confess our sins and declare The Son to be The Lord, we will be saved.