The Bible - My recommendation


The Bible is divided into the Old Testament and the New Testament. In the Old Testament the story begins with Adam and Eve about 4000 years before Christ, and the story ends with the return of The Children of Israel from their Babylonian captivity about 440 years before Christ. In the New Testament we, by the four Gospels, gain insight into the work of Jesus before we get to know what happened after Jesus' death. The last part of the New Testament are letters, most written by Paul, called the apostle of the Gentiles, but also by some of Jesus' disciples.

The Mosaic Law is the central message the Old Testament. In the New Testament, differently, our righteousness is taken for granted. Man has been given a new heart and a new mind.It is correct to say that the focus of the Old Testament is to be faithful while the focus of the New Testament is to show faith. We can picture it with a child growing up. As children we learn right from wrong by our father's prescriptions and by our mother's regulations, and we acquire an identity by so doing. When we grow up and leave the family, by virtue of this acquisition we will show strength. By Jesus the new took place. Man became an adult.

The Ten Commandments are to be found in Exodus 20.I suggest you start reading Genesis. The story of Adam and Eve is the reference to all symbols in the Bible. If you read the Story of The Creation, I suppose you then will want to read Genesis to the end, and you will acquire knowledge of Israel's ancestors and how the seed landed in Egypt by doing so. If you read Exodus 1-14, you will gain knowledge of how Moses was called and how he led the seed out of Egypt.

Following, is the story about the trek from Egypt to the Promised Land, and the Law of Moses is formulated. I recommend you initially do not read this, but go to the New Testament and read two gospels.

Being and showing.
Act and deed.
Nice and pretty.
Thinking of the exercise of faith, we can distinguish between being neat and being straightforward. By being neat, we will fear and love God, and by being straightforward we will love our neighbours as ourselves. Being neat is the typical message of the Gospel of Matthew. And being straightforward is the typical message of the Gospel of John. I recommend that these be read.

I recommend you read one or more letters of Paul, to get a glimpse of what God gave the first Christians. I recommend you read First Corinthians, then Second Corinthians.

Following my recommendation, I am certain you will want to read more of the Bible. The Bible is amazing.