♫ Songs for children


These songs are of course intended for children, not for adults playing being childish. The teddy bear focus aI believe is a bit funny, since the teddy bear songs of mine supports the teddy bear song of Alf Prøysen, and since the making of the teddy bear was of cultural historical importance. Ai believe the adult should be informed about how before introducing the child to this page, and my hope is that the child together with the adult will have a nice time exploring the page. Ai am sorry it took me a while making these pages representable.

Hello - child
Making it right

There are ten songs especially made by me for children on Poet on view, and also a famous Norwegian song about the teddy bear which aI have translated to English. Here are altogether four songs with a teddy bear prominent in the story. Only one is presented by me singing it, and that one is the translation by me. The text is very easy to learn in two of the four teddy bear songs.

There is also a poem elsewhere on Trixnix. Also, there is a short joy tune, written for wind quartet. And that tune is very difficult to play, together as one! Also, there is a short tune presented as Norwegian, called "Nissenes inntogsmarsj". That means "The opening march of the multitude of the nisse". The "nisse", you see, is an ancient little fellow living in Scandinavia, who is very popular, and very peculiar, and who all the time is questioning what is going on. He is naughty, to the proud! He has the greatest self esteem of all, and is to be found when he is not expected. He rules by suddenly appearing.

Elsewhere, aI have presented some music which is a bit more formal, though still made children in mind. That is music which is more funny to hear adults performing. A lullaby, a Norwegian lullaby, and an arrangement. There is no singing. Maybe, though, you will recognize the tunes. When you have heard and seen what is made here on the two flower's site, maybe you will want to go there:

On MuseScore .

All the music is played by very crafted musicians. Ai am impressed, hearing how it sounds. And aI don't know who is playing. That is strange. It is not mystical, though, and when the adult tells you why it is so, it will make you a story.

Have fun listening and singing!

Please remember to bookmark this page before you click the following links. Then you have it if you get lost. You will, though, come back, you know, if you click the "back" button in the browser.

This is a song me singing - playing the guitar

The song of the teddy bear
This is a video of me presenting a poem

The little girl conquering
Here the poem is presented as text

The little girl conquering
This is the tune which it is so difficult to play together as one

This is the tune of the nisse

Nissenes inntogsmarsj

Here - the teddy bear songs are gathered

And this is a drawing aI want to show you. You see, originally it was a drawing. By me. And this is how the teddy bear can look like when he has been worked on in a computer. Obviously, he thinks it is a bit strange:

To the adult:
Please, download the image, and use it for the benefit of children, as you please. You may, of course, alter it.