♫ Songs for children

There are six children songs on Poet on view, four out of six with a teddy bear prominent in the story. Only one is presented by me singing it, but the text is easy to learn in two of the four teddy bear songs.

There is also a poem elsewhere on Trixnix. Also, there is a short joy tune, written for wind quartet. And that tune is very difficult to play, together as one! Also, there is a short tune presented as Norwegian, called "Nissenes inntogsmarsj". That means "The opening march of the multitude of the nisse". The "nisse", you see, is an ancient little fellow living in Scandinavia, who is very peculiar, and who all the time is questioning what is going on. He is naughty, to the proud! He has the greatest self esteem of all, and is to be found when he is not expected. He rules suddenly.

Playlist teddy bear songs