♫ The song of the teddy bear



On the bottom of the page, you will find an image of me together with Marion. It is somewhat childish. Ai know.

This translation was made and recorded in the year of 2003.

The Song of The Teddy Bear

Original text, in Norwegian:
Alf Prøysen († 1970)

An old Norwegian

To English by:

The Song of The Teddy Bear

I am an old aged teddy bear, as kind as one can be;
whenever made to grumble I will smile eternally.
This I have learned from Marion, the girl who ‘s owing me –
I wonder if some ever will be having fun as we.
Whenever Marion has laid me down to go asleep
I hum this song about my self and our fortune deep.
The melody I sing upon I once was made to learn
when being prize in lottery for anyone to earn.

The lottery was grandiose, with lamps and music clear –
to hear the merry-go-round made me yearn beyond compare.
When sitting there my deepest wish was being won as pride
by anyone who could afford to take me for a ride.
And do you know, a little girl, her name was Marion,
came walking by, her suntanned hand filled up by every coin.
She bought a lot of tickets and I wondered: Is this true?
How I am looking forward to be riding there with you.

But suddenly my dream was stirred by hearing Marion:
Now I have used my money so I will just carry on.
I growled a little hearing that when thinking: Is this true
I will sit put awaiting someone wealthier than you.
‘Cause many tried their luck on me at last an old aged man.
And money I have never seen as in his steady hand.
But he was not extravagant, which made me think and feel:
He must be saving to afford to let me ride the wheel.

When finally the draw was made, believe who won me then?
Precisely the old man, and guess if I felt up to ten.
Now he will take me for a ride. But guess what happened next?
Around my belly there was put a round of paper waxed.
He never even packed me up but took me home aside.
And I believing wealthy teddies always felt their pride.
Then better off one would be being won by one who cared,
who was not full of money, but who loved one being near.

For times which felt like ages I felt lost, until one day
he picked me up and brought me to a place not far away.
And almost unbelievable as this must sound to you
unpacking me was Marion to be her present new.
The old man was her grandpa and he placed her on his knee
and said: This bear is birthday present meant to you from me.
And Marion exited, jumping up to dance and sing,
she let me for the first time ride in circles on the wing.

Since then I have been swung and twisted, riding up and down,
‘cause Marion is not the one to let me be alone.
My bow has Dopy eaten and my fur is bad to see.
But this is meaning nothing – I am happy as can be.
Because if I loose vital parts, like one of limps or head,
a thread in hands of Marion will have me neatly mend.
And you must all acknowledge this is better than to be
aside arranged as knick-knack only sitting there to see.

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