♪ Sleep - my child

Picture a young man, maybe in his mid twenties, on a stage, in a nice suit, with a microphone. Somewhere behind him sitting are two girls, dressed in black, in skirts, the one with a violincello and the other with a violin. There is attention to the stage. Silence. The man in the front crosses himself. Then he lifts his microphone, and you hear:

This song was made in the year of 2006. I made the arrangement in the year of 2016.

Find the scores in PDF format at Google Drive | here |.


Sleep, my child, let the dream perform thee,
Go to rest in the hands of God.
I will sit put for a moment fleeting
Until thou are named by The Lord
Letting his love be certain,
Letting the love of God ease thy mind.
Christ, our saviour, be to thy name
The heavenly Father, thy kind.

Sleep, my child, let the dark surround thee.
Go to rest in thy bed, my care.
A new day waits when the night is over
Expecting to be and made clear.
Sleep and be fresh tomorrow.
Sleep, let the good Lord see to thy name.
Jesus protect and power thy rest,
Tomorrow will bring thee an aim.

Sleep, my child, and be well looked after.
Wide awake on the watch for thee
The Son of God telling silly stories
about how it is to be free.
Sleep, let the day be over.
Sleep, let Lord Jesus show thee the way.
Jesus, The Saviour, Jesus, the Lord,
tomorrow will make thee a day.