The teachings of the Church of Scientology's is called "dianetics". According to the doctrine, the man's mind is divided into two parts, being the conscious "analytical mind" and the subconscious "reactive mind", and mundane experiences embodied in the subconscious "reactive mind" is seen as what triggers all the misery of the person. The objective, according to the doctrine, is to get rid of one’s "reactive mind", what is thought of being achieved by taking the content of the unconscious up in the conscious and process it, thereby becoming "clear" .

Knowing this is enough to condemn Scientology. Firstly, there is no contradiction between the conscious and unconscious in a human being. In order for there to be a contradiction, the conscious and the unconscious must be perceived as things, by which the individual is brain dead. Secondly, if you do not accept the influence of the unconscious on the mind but admit whatever reaches your mind, you are evil. You are shameless.

Dianetics is clearly a perversion of the true faith in God whereby we become pure, called righteous, by being freed from guilt. Sins we have committed will have power over us, in that they rule our behaviour, most often unconsciously. We will be relieved of this power by confessing our sin in such a way that it commits. Christ will set us free. But if we do not condemn our sin but digest it and accept it, we are pure manifestations of Satan, perfectly shameless.

Scientology was created by a man named Hubbard. The theory of conflict between the unconscious and the conscious is attributed to Freud. So this doctrine is man made. It is a belief you can, and should, leave.

Faith in Christ, the Son, of the right hand the holy deed, you can not leave. By that kind of faith, dualisms will be correctly understood.