♫ Our song

This song was made and recorded in the year of 2003.

Find the scores in PDF format at Google Drive | here |.


Let nobody wonder; we are real,
and in war we are just destined to win.
Devils, just let them show and feel,
creatures they have always been.
But to the Lord they have not ever had existence.
And Christ will always miss the one untrue.
Life cannot be gained by lies,
never by one's own insistence.
Life is truly living,
earning and forgiving.
Disengage truth,
and you are in war with youth.

Maybe some naïve, truly young,
we are proud to be wanted along.
Fruitful by our mothers tongue,
pray Christ will enlighten our song.
Our life is made of every little instance.
We will live through any abuse by course.
We are born to feel the source,
we will mirror sun's persistence.
Make life a blunder,
take life asunder,
poison our root,
and you are in war with youth.

Go all mass confusion, be all fame,
'cause what matters is to gain life to aim.
We'll be conducting Christian fame,
by Christ we will be missing the shame.
Truly ignorance sense nothing but the loudness.
Indifference belongs to the empty dark.
Violence will fight and bark,
none of them will grasp the soundness.
We have seen and know,
we are not a row,
proud of our suit,
we are the ones in youth.

Stay all self-importance, stay and brew,
feel importance being impotence true.
Try making one and two to you,
and you will see which counting is true.
Never we will stay as compost or belongings;
we belong to future and life to some.
Let's compose the life to come,
but create the world from living.
Conscious now and then,
making world the garden,
life is our fruit –
we are the ones in youth.