Man was not given to eat meat before Noah (Genesis 9:3) – before the 10th generation of man. Until Noah had survived the flood, man did not eat meat but was fed upon every green herb, or plant (Genesis 1:29). So before Noah man depended solely upon the bodily expressions of the earth, that is on values, and not upon the reasoning of the earth. Man was intelligent before Noah, since man saw himself in light of what earth was when letting the animals on the ground be like the rationale of the earth. But Noah was the first one to be rational. He saved the animals, that is the rationale, in times of the flood. Waters are feelings. And he was the first one to be a husbandman and to plant a vineyard (Genesis 9:20).

The woman to her man is what the earth is to its heaven. Noah was the first one to take the woman, take earth, seriously dependent upon the woman’s, upon the earth’s, reasoning. He was the first one to cultivate the earth. To make a vineyard one has to understand the earth and make it produce according to The Lord’s demands to the earth. One has to acquire knowledge which one in the next minute develops. So by Noah, animals on the ground came to be kept, haunted, and killed to be fed upon. By Noah the earth, and thereby the woman, came to be loved for the sake of her sensibility.

Animals on the ground, picturing sensibility, had been tamed earlier on. Already Abel, in the first generation after Adam, kept sheep. But sheep, or cattle, was not kept to be fed upon until Noah. Noah was the first man to think rationale was worth growing upon. And so Noah was the first man to value the woman’s thinking.

An evidence the man entered a new stage in his relationship with The Lord, and therefore also an evidence the woman entered a new stage in her relationship with the man, was the token God created of his new covenant with man – with Noah, namely the rainbow (Genesis 9:11-17). The rainbow is the token of the Son. The rainbow unites what otherwise would be contradictions. The Son carries both man’s and woman’s faith without being in contradiction with himself. Christ, The Son, is the heavenly combiner of God and man. With Noah the woman came to be respected because of the Son: After Noah she would be thought of as a mother raising the man’s son.

Drinking vine is like being justified: By the vine we will be excited. And Noah, as the first man to do so, planted a vineyard. In other words he expected the Son delivered.

With Noah, man was given to eat meat. But The Lord explicitly told Noah not to eat blood (Genesis 9:4). The life is in the blood. And lives belong to The Lord. By her reasoning, by her morale, flesh answers to The Lord alone.

The bronze era began around 3000 years before Christ, following the stone era. Noah was born 3000 years before Christ, and he built the big boat when he was 600 years of age. He was able to build a big boat, since he had nails of bronze. Maybe he was the first one to build a big boat. And, maybe the orally delivered story after Noah was somewhat coloured due to that achievement.