My vision of the history

For a long time there was no hold of the human being. He appeared as a creature, instinctively, and that was it. But the human being grew. And what distinguished the human being from the creatures after a while, was that the human being sung. The noises, irregular to be found in the world, the human being began to make tunes of. The human being began to distinguish one from another. By that the notion of God and of order was awakened.

The human being sung without words to each other to show dignity and to show affection, and males found their way to females by their tunes. After a while, major and minor were identified, and in the end of the period, maybe even the females answered by making the short tune a two-part harmony. The human being was increasingly better at singing. By singing, and by making songs, man was accountable. The scale was discovered, and maybe even primitive music instruments were made.

By Adam, at three o'clock, so to speak, there was a tremendous change. The human being began to speak. The Word came into the world. The human beings began communicating intellectually, and that had the effect that male and female stayed together, and also the effect that societies were created. The Son is the Word. By uttering words man becomes responsible, and the love of man, that is the energy, came into the world.

By Jesus, at six o'clock, so to speak, a fantastic change took place. Man became unique. Man was given conscience, and language, as we today in most nations know it, with subject, predicate and object, arose, and the term "I am", or “I will”, referred no longer to God alone. By that man became interesting. That had the effect that marriage went from being polygamous to be monogamous as the norm. And respect for the being arose in the society, for being the one and only, or for being number one.

"I [the Father] am [the Holy Spirit] so [the Son]."

Set loose from the family, man, by Jesus, could make his own career. Destiny was not given by belongingness to a father's name, which had the impact that man was freed from the domain of families. What counted, was the truth.

By Anders, at nine o'clock, so to speak, another great change occurred. Man began communicating by signals. The immanent meaning in speech and expression was acknowledged by man, as either showing the existence of passion, or the existence of rationale, or the existence of judgement, and aware of that, man drew, so to speak. By that man rose from the commonness of scientific control. Man became funny, relieved from being known. By that, also, the world was united by the being, the world not known by the multitude, but by the signals.

Interestingly, being Anders, my own creating work in God went from melody making to intellectualizing, then to poetry making, and then to drawing. I will develop my drawing capability.

Another way of seeing the development of man is to see that Christ is conquering the man. The word, which came to Adam, is an outward thing which the man makes his own. Christ came from the outside, so to speak, and placed himself in the mouth of man. By Jesus, Christ became the man himself. Man was married by Christ. By his rationale, man was given to be by Christ. And by Anders, Christ became a part of the body, giving the man signals as living in the body.

Adam was not alone awakened. Odin was the Nordic man. But Adam was the one who submitted himself to Christ. In the same way, Anders was not alone awakened.

This article was posted on internet in October 2016.