Mind control

Stay away from it
There are three ways of making a man or a woman a slave. One is naturally, by making the nature of the person dependent. One is culturally, by making the work of the person dependent. And third is spiritually, by making the person's worry dependent.

Naturally, a person can be made dependent by brutal treatment. This is to break the person, by corporeally abuse, or by chemistry (medicament).

Culturally, a person can be made dependent by social restrain. Laws, and common attitude to a group, will spark such dependency, by making work ineffective.

Spiritually, a person can be made dependent by hypnosis. By hypnoses, the person's will is substituted with care for a specific attention.

In any of these instances of mind-control, it is fear what is injected. What we might call the self of the person is made totally open. More than vulnerable, it becomes God like.

In ancient Israel, there were slaves. The slaves of Israel were set lose, though, after seven years of answering for their master.

The black Americans gained citizenship as the majority became Christian. As Christians, they could not be treated as less worthy.

The one making another person a slave will be opposed to what is God like. Most likely, that person will get lost, exempt from any salvation.