Man to be

There is a two-dimensional existence for the being of the world. One dimension is the personal, and the other dimension is the social. Psychology cannot be seen isolated from sociology, and visa versa. "What is in it for me" cannot be seen isolated from "together we are strong", and visa versa. To make those dimensions packages, forcing the individual to chose between being egoistic or altruistic, is nonsense, and evilness, since one by that annuls and discourages the being. Unfortunately, by science, one often sees it "that way or that way", for to isolate a motive, or a drive. To force people to adhere to the artificial ordering of science is evilness. Those doing so are blockheads.

The Son is the meaning of life, and Jesus Christ is He. By the Son, one makes a future, and a fortune, and being rich on particularities is definitely not it. By the Son any human being will be justified, and the actual boy child of a specific father and mother is the way to go. Love is the way to go, and by love, the individual takes due part in the social. Of course, the individual cannot love if forced to abandon itself by the demands of the social. And, of course the social cannot be love if the individual is not subjected to it. To make human being producers of children to be consumed in the social is nonsense, and evilness, without any love. No matter how, people are incidents of God, supposed to be. Let us not be blockheads. By making particularities, things can be exploited, and traded with. Economy. As simple as that. By seeing life as development, motion, and as achievement, there are no factors with specific qualities (“egenskaper”, in Norwegian), and the individual and the social both can or will never be perfect, rather be like the forest, defined as places, though continuously producing dead growth, new growth, nestle, maybe, if there comes a dirty site, traces, makings built. And some prefer it rather wild. And some prefer it rather neat. And, by a little work on it, that forest can change from day to day, and even be the same forest. And, as beings, we relate to it.


As in and out the beings go
for in life to be really so.
It only is as way about
one can see one is on the route.