Look and feel

Such idioms as here listed aI first began to write down in Norwegian. We really have an amount of those in Norwegian. After a while, aI began to write down the English, aI saw. Ai believe my list is far from being exhaustive. Nevertheless, here are som pairs which are illuminating, to the one learning English, and to a Norwegian, the list shows, indeed, there are such in English, also.


act and deed
beck and call
bib and tucker
bill and coo
bits and pieces
bolt and arrow
brain and brawn
bread and honey
bump and grind
but and ben
checks and balances
court and justice
cross and pile
crunch and grind
dog and bone
dog and pony (show)
doom and gloom
egg and anchor
egg and dart
egg and tongue
fits and starts
flesh and blood
flesh and bone
flocks and herds
flotsam and jetsam
gall and worm-wood
grin and bear
grit and glory
grit and grind
grit and virtue
grit and wit
hand and glove
hawk and dove
head and shoulders
heart and mind
help and support
hit and run
hob and nob
hole and corner
hue and cry
knurr and spell
law and order
leaps and bounds
life and limb
life and teaching
light and shade
lock and key
look and feel
love and affection
love and care
meat and drink
milk and honey
moth and rust
neeps and tatties
night and day
odds and ends
peace and love
peace and quiet
peace and serenity
pen and ink
pitch and toss
pots and pans
quips and cranks
ride and tie
roods and perches
rough and ready
rough and tough
rules and regulations
scales and fins
sign and seal
skin and bone
slings and arrows
stock and barrel
stocks and stones
stuff and nonsense
sum and substance
thews and sinews
time and future
tooth and nail
track and field
value and worth
vim and vigour
waifs and strays
watch and ward
ways and means
wax and wane
wear and tear
weight and measure
whirl and twirl
will and pleasure
will and want
wine and dine
wit and charm
word and deed
worth and value


bright and cheerful
bright and early
bright and sharp
clean and clear
clear and compelling
clear and concise
clear and detailed
clever and smart
crisp and clear
cute and smart
dead and buried
dead and gone
deaf and dumb
fair and square
far and away
far and wide
fast and loose
first and foremost
foot-lose and fancy-free
free and easy
free and quit
fresh and neat
ginger and smart
hard and fast
hard and smart
kind and generous
lame and impotent
light and bright
light and buoyant
loud and clear
mad and noisy
made and done
merry and wise
neat and tidy
nice and easy
nice and noble
nice and novel
nice and pretty
nice and sharp
null and void
over and above
plain and simple
poor and petty
pure and clean
pure and simple
quit and clear
quit and free
rich and famous
rich and smart
sad and lonely
safe and savvy
safe and secure
safe and smart
safe and sound
safe and sure
short and sharp
short and sweet
simple and smart
smooth and smart
soft and cosy
still and serene
straight and narrow
strong and clear
sweet and kind
thick and thin
warm and tender
wrack and ruin