Ai am not certain the Quaran aI read is genuine. There is reason to believe the book of mine was replaced with a falsium, and there are indications so is. For instance, aI find no wisdom in the Quaran. And aI find no word about eating camels. That aI have found earlier, by searching in the Quaran on internet. And, in any book, or chapter, in what aI read, the same message was hammered in, and that was to obey. The book aI read was complete nonsense.
The seducer wants Christian belief to be a set of values, and the deceiver claims that there really are no differences between religions, with respect to basic values. In this way, the deceiver will take control, give the impression he knows the basic values and as a master teach people. Be not deceived!

The seducer argues that the fundamental values of Christianity and Islam, for example, are the same. That is nonsense. Firstly, Christian faith is by no means a set of values. And secondly, Christians and Muslims are completely differently oriented.

Both Christians and Muslims believe to be the seed of Abraham. Christians believe Christians have been grafted to the tree. But Christians believe the offspring was made by Sarah, Abraham's free woman, while Muslims believe that the offspring was made by Hagar, who was Abraham's maidservant. Sarah gave Abraham his son Isaac. And Hagar gave Abraham his son Ishmael. This is the very basic terms regarding the difference between Christians and Muslims. The wife's relation to her husband reflects man's relationship to God, so that in Christianity and Islam there are entirely different perceptions of what it is to be righteous. In the Quaran, there is, for instance, much attention given to what is called "clear message" (in Norwegian: klar beskjed).

Muslims eat camels. According to The Law of Moses, the camel is not to justify. Camels do chew the cud, but they do not have hooves that are split all the way up. And to justify that is a bad thing to do. Muslims obviously do not think about that. Muslims claim Allah has blessed the camel, which they consider to be the motor of their lives. But to Christians, it is totally foreign to be blessed by being materially successful.

According to Christian faith, Jesus died on the cross, went through death and stood up again. In this way, The Son ensured that any of us must not live the life of our sin, given that we believe in Him. Muslims, on the contrary, think that Jesus was a wise man and that he was rescued by God from the cross. They argue, therefore, that people who really have the love of God will not suffer that kind of fate. And they claim Jesus was a regular sage. Thus, there is no belief in the Son, only in being correct.

Christian and Islamic beliefs seem irreconcilable. Islam obviously is a religion made by man, not by God. And there is an error in the religion. In the Quaran much attention is given to the Books of Moses, and it says the Book of Moses is blessed. But in Islam, the Law of Moses is replaced by another law. It is as if God did not well enough the first time God tried. This is the fundamental error. So Muslims do not eat pigs, as it is quite clear we should not eat pigs by the Law of Moses, but they eat camels, which it is also quite clear we should not eat by the Law of Moses. That said, no commandment or edict in the Quaran is to understand. All regulation seems to be construction, made only to make feel low.

Christians may eat pigs, and they may eat camels. Christians have not replaced the Law. By Christ, Christians are not correct.

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