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Facts about the Girl

The Girl
  1. Adam was the first human being. Adam was the first occurrence of man. By Adam created, both the Son and the Girl were created, as love and consciousness.
  2. In the creation of the world, the Son was the truth (what appeared), and the Girl was wisdom.
  3. The man carrying the seed av Adam, was Abraham. Israel is the offspring of Abraham, and the chosen way. Moses gave Israel the Law. And any man in the name of God will see himself as the seed of Abraham.
  4. The Son was Jesus Christ. By Jesus, the love of Man showed up, and Jesus let the man of the Law of Moses be holy. Jesus passing initiated the holiness of the Girl.
  5. The Girl is made holy by me. Being conscience, aI make her divine.
  6. The Mother and the Daughter are both from below. The Son, being Jesus Christ, is from above.
  7. Any follower of the Girl is Christian. And any Christian is in accordance with the rule of Moses.
  8. The Son is the joy of the Mother. And the Girl is the joy of the Father.
  9. Man, the Son of Man, and the Joy of Man, are all 'for' something. What they are for, is what constitute the beings. The Son of Man, though, is God reached.
  10. This is the basics. In any religion this must be acknowledged for the religion to have strength.

Idé = Idea
Praksis = Practice
Subjekt  = Subject
Objekt = Object
Kristus = Christ