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About me

Be understood
that being good
is not what I
am Christian by.
"About me" updated January the 9th 2017
All nuts are equal, but some won't crack

My name is Anders Woje Ellingsen. I am Norwegian. Anders is Andrew in English. I was born the 29th of July 1963. Trondheim in Norway is my home town.

My journey in God started in 1996. I then began to see myself subjected to God.

I was converted the autumn of 1997. I sensed a terrible development in the society and one day I stood up in a lecture at the university, as Christian. One evening later in the autumn of 1997 I knelt down, as near psychotic, in front of the closed door to a church in Oslo and asked God for help to counter the evils in the society. That, I believe, was my starting point.

I was educated to be an officer in the infantry. When I quit the Army in 1995, I was a four year captain, and an instructor at the military academy of the Army in Norway at the same time as I was a research fellow in leadership and organization in the Army. After that I took some courses at the University, specifically a bachelor degree in sociology with a course in the history of ideas, before I became psychotic for the first time. That took place in the spring of 1997. After that I went through numerous serious disturbances. I was picked up by the police and hospitalized as clearly psychotic sixteen times. My last psychoses was in 2011.

What saved was my faith in God. As stated, I came to belief in Christ in 1997 and God has led me since then. Today it is clear to me what schizophrenia is. I have formulated what schizophrenia is, and I believe have conquered it.

I am quite confident my own schizophrenia is learned, triggered by stresses forced upon me. But I am not certain.

I live alone and I don't belong to any church. For many years I have used my time writing poems and presenting my work on internet. I have been looked after by Jesus Christ, and I am very grateful.

† Thank You, Lord!

Thank you Christ for that I by your death was freed from having to answer for my sins. You are the truth about everything that happens, you're the Messiah, and when you went to the cross I was let free. On that I believe. It was completely undeserved. I was awakened to life in you, and I will not sin again. Must I forever delight by the life I live and by what I express. Must I forever act in the Holy Spirit, in love, thus be authorized by you. For that I pray.