* Poems from Norway

The Son be fun

Filling and fulfilling
The original poem was written by Olav Aukrust (♂)
(† 1929) and is called "Fylgje og fylgja".
Singing about life, I sing about you.
To me, my dear, you make life being true –
mirroring him, he the only there is:
You, I should know, you are her. Fancy this.

Thinking of you I am thinking of it
which keeps me burning, sees to I am lit –
thinking of her who in challenging ways
urges me to conquer the world and the days.

And if I love her I really love you.
To me the same is this being of two.
By the existence of you I believe
she by the fashioned cut figure will live.

When I did find her, I really found you.
When I did win her, I also won you.
Mystery under the rose do reveal it.
He who knows secrets admire and feel it.

Thus I do testify, love, that when I
lower a love song my inner life by,
meant for the only one, right from my heart,
you and her both I address by my art.

Word over gate
The original poem was written by Halldis Moren Vesaas
(♀)(† 1995) and is called "Ord over grind".
I walk unto your inner gate
and you walk unto mine.
Behind we are alone at state
of mind. This is the line.

To never force one’s way through it
the law of ours says.
If awkward, catching up, or fit,
respect the neighbour pays.

You absent when I make the sphere,
I easily return,
when I have seen that over there,
that house, is your concern.

As long as I know you will see
me by the gate as now,
and smile, both of us being free,
my house my home, I know.

When you are away
The original poem was written by Tor Jonsson (♂)
(† 1951) and is called "Når du er borte".
Nearest are you when away.
Something passes in the play.
Love is what I call this.
I don’t know what this is.

Once it was, the evening’s call,
whisperings of wind and fall.
Now there is a hidden strain
us between to appertain.

A domestic decalogue
The original poem was written by Arnulf Øverland (♂)
(† 1968) and is called "En hustavle".
There is a happy labour
which will not turn to pain:
To gratify a neighbour,
that pleasure not in vain.

There is a grief to really hate,
which no tears can repeal:
To know it is to very late
when you this impulse feel.

But no-one can or will unchanged
stand by a grave and mourn,
repeatedly by God arranged
a day, an hour, born.

Mercy - mercy without border
The original poem (psalm) was written by Elias Blix (♂)
(† 1902) and is called "Nåde, nåde utan ende".
This poem I have made melody to.
Mercy, mercy without border,
of God's mercy shall be heard.
From his love it turned, the order,
did forget his holy word.
But The Lord forgot us never,
in his heart we stay, forever.
As we all by sin did fall,
on the earth was heard his call.

Right from morning he is calling,
sounding as the sun does climb.
And whenever eve is falling,
and when it for night is time,
calling souls, he arms is reaching,
all are subject to his teaching.
Every country, every lot,
hears his voice as foreign not.

But when dawn has come, no turning,
salary is what he gives.
Every one found to be burning
gains by mercy that he lives.
Lord, be love and ear awakened,
that your call is not forsakened.
All your vineyard do obey,
working, as it still is day!
[ The psalm "Mercy - mercy without border" by Elias Blix I have presented in Norwegian elsewhere, | here |. ]