Forestry keeping

Ai feel for stating something about forestry keeping. A forest is an isolated area. The borders to the nature around is not exact, and even so, a forest is located, and to be found. In the poem “The woman in man”, posted in Napthali, in the walls of Trixnix, aI have stated the woman in man might be found both in the ocean and in the forest. This what is unconscious might be perceived as an entity, and some will.

Around me, aI have two small forests, one east of me, and one west of me, and lately aI have cleaned both. Cleaning is the word for it, not clearing. And, what hits me, is that there is an either of, speaking of matter, when appointing the forest, as with nature as a whole. Either, one takes it down, and exchanges it with something one builds. Buildings and roads are the examples, and those people doing so, aI believe are excellent craftsmen, doing so, building, in fact, nature in another way than what originally was there. Or, one puts oneself behind the forest, and works with it, so to speak, taking notice of what benefits it, making openings. Anything in between is sad. In the forest east of me, there was a terrible contamination in the form of pins, dead branches, dead trees and litter, and also wire, in a devastating amount, put in traces and entrances, and groves, as if the forest was given to be tested. Everyone sane understands that when a being is suffocated, it dies, and that forest would, of course, rotten, and die, by the treatment. In the forest west of me, there was put a camp, a simple installation in the form of small trunks put up for to make shelters and gymnastic measures. It was simple in that respect the installations put up varied from organic to instrumental, by heavy means, and there was no way the forest could relate to the installation. When the installation had been abandoned, for a while, the thinnest trunks, planks, ropes, tarpaulins, nails and screws served as litter, and the forest was wet. As aI saw it, both forests, both the one in the east and the one in the west, had been abandoned by birds and animals. My point is, that when appointing a forest, as when when addressing a human being in a therapeutic way, one ought to have an eternal perspective. And, everyone knows, that means thinking ahead.

What everyone knows, also, is that if one takes a forest down, by cutting the trees, and abandons it, that forest will be wilderness, and it will take maybe hundreds of years before nature again comes to order.

Nature is good at getting rid of natural fallout and nature is good at isolating. Even nettle is isolated. Both forests mentioned were about to be isolated, by nature. By the work of no time. And those forests are thousands of years old. And served as outdoor recreational areas, once, and playgrounds for children.

As aI write this, aI have not completed my work on the forest west of me. The forest east of me aI have almost recreated. And, in that forest east of me aI have put up some few things made of plastic, as you can see in the photo on the top of this article, for children to play with, that is a small house, a few boxes, in different colours, with silly, improvized toys, in plastic, such as cups and plates, and the like. These are, of course, totally foreign to the forest, and will serve as litter if spread. These are, though, by no means installations. And, that plastic is of size, and coloured, and is easily found. Much, it is not. And, my intention is to keep, that forest.