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What about truth

English is not official language in Norway. Only Norwegian is. We learn English at school, though, and to most people, English is the second language. Some speak English very well, and some are more insecure, speaking English. The grammar is a bit different from Norwegian. For instance, we say that “the river is fantastic,” as one says in English. “The river,” though, in Norwegian, is different from other things playing a role by being feminine. So we think about, and speak about, that thing as a bit different from other things. And there are some such words. In English, there is no such thing (!), so this is not what makes English difficult to learn. The difficulty to children learning, is that they make wrong use of prepositions, such as on, in, after, with. For instance, we will naturally say “he looked on the river,” since the river in Norwegian is a such-thing. What we mean, is that “he looked at the river”.

Ai will tell you a secret about my own learning, and that is, that when aI was a child, and learned how to speak and write English, aI wrote “in staid of” when aI meant “in stead of”. That is a funny thing to do, you would say.

The photo to the left is of my younger sister and aI together with my mummy. We called her that, at that age, before she taught us to say mother. And the reason why aI look a bit disappointed aI believe is that she said it is time to go home.