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What about silliness

Ai am a member of the tribe of the Kiowas! The Kiowas belong to an ancient Indian people in America, which is extremely intelligent, extremely polite, and extremely artistic. And, they really can ride horses. Ai was admitted to be a member in 1974. You see, "Sølvpilen", which is Silver Arrow, was a cartoon series in Norway. And aI liked it. Sølvpilen was a Kiowa, and he had a white friend, and loved a girl called "Månestråle", which is Moon Beam. At that time in 1974 aI was ten years old. And it is a bit stupid, right, to be ten years old and to get a membership in a cartoon like club. Anyway, aI did. So, now, more than forty years later, aI can tell anyone, aI belong to the U.S.A.!

"Stammebevis" means Tribe Proof.