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What about love

Love must persist. It makes sense to be loving and to show love. One feels good by loving, it is to get away with, one grows by being a loving person and life just gets more and more fun, and surely, only the one in love comes to heaven. Jesus gave a parable, once, about loving. He said that we could be like trees giving fruit. And the tree is good if the fruit is good and the tree is bad if the fruit is bad. A bad tree can not give fruit that is good, and a good tree cannot make fruit that is bad. A tree is known by the fruit, Jesus said. So, to love, one must be in love. And neighbours know one another as to be loving persons by that one gives one another good fruit. It is a very clear and understandable picture. We, who like to be playful, can say that the blueberry of the north, that is the small bush, is very loveable too (look up “blåbær” - you really should taste that berry). The berries are yummy. And all blueberry bushes are similar, almost. If you don't look closely, since no shrub is similar to the rest, really. So, they go well together. And they stand very close to one another. Well. Small strawberries (look up “markjordbær”) are sweeter, though. And they stand alone.

The picture to the left is of my father with my sister and me. My father took us on forest and mountain walks all the time. And we walked by the height, and we lit bonfire, and we found our ways. And my dad said, “the one by freak will taste the steak.” My father was from an established family, so the steak was dinner he knew what was. And, if someone does something stupid, we might say that person gets burned, right? So that word from my father was very good fruit.