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What about the girl

The Girl : The Voice
The Son is the Word, one say, and that is really so. And that is to ponder on, and when we get old, we will see it more clearly than we do now. And the Girl is the Voice, aI say. This video is a beautiful song made by Irish people. The song is a beautiful rendering of the sound of the Girl. What aI did, once, was to look up a lot of photographs on internet, to illustrate the song. All the photographs are fantastic. The case is copyright. You see, aI have not asked that Irish people if it is all right that aI post the video on internet. And aI could hardly ask all those people having made all those lovely photographs if aI could use the photographs. And aI could never ask all those lovely people being photographed if it was all right aI used the images. There are laws, in every country, which says it is forbidden to make public use of any creation made by other people, without consent. What aI think, though, is that when you illustrate something, you are not making use of the illustrating material for to gain popularity or money. And, when you really have something to say, by God, you don't give a damned, and you pray those people are with you. So, here is the video.

What is most important to grasp, about this video, is that people today tend to identify with incidental things other people say. It is as if they are scared, and very attentive. And since the girl, as such, is a master of giving messages, not so obvious, the girl, as such, came in danger. Some people persecuted her, all over the world.