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What about being gay

What a stupid thing to say, "be never gay!" or to say, "do never have a gay experience!" The word "gay" is one of the finest words in the English vocabulary, and it denotes an attitude and a feeling which is wonderful. It is a strange thing that the homosexuals have been admitted to use it as connoting "homosexual". In fact, gay is quite opposite to being homosexual.

Another stupid thing the homosexual people have done, is to take the rainbow as symbol of homosexuality and on being lesbian. That is also terrible. The rainbow is the token of Jesus Christ, who, or which, is the Son of Man and Son of God, and you know why. In the Bible it says the rainbow came to the earth at the time of Noah, after he had survived the flood in his vessel. We can speculate what is meant by that, and we can believe some stories in the Bible were written as they by the oral tradition were, so that they perhaps were a bit fantasy coloured. The thing, though, is that God gave the rainbow as a token on the relationship, that is pact, Noah had with God, and the promise God gave, which is the Son.

By a homosexual relation or experience you will become very vulnerable. That is not gay to be.

🏳️‍🌈 So it is. Take care. And be called gay, when you feel for it!