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How a big sister should be

ꜜ Poem on the bottom!


When me in you, aI will be pearl, and thought of as a precious girl. You know me, even so aI there by God not for the kind will care.

You know, the two of us are one, so in your body God is done. In need for help, though, in a case aI will be there for you to face.

And kindly think there is no end to numbers by whom aI am friend. And all will see me with a twist, creating for so to exist!

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Being for real

Ai will not that you prosper by seeing the screen
as the way to be living, the way to be seen.
Television is fine, when to get it we learn.
It is not fine, though, to think life to it we earn.

Ai will not that you prosper by playing the game.
When as players acknowledged, we are all the same.
It is fine to feel better in doing a task.
It is not fine to be one by making a mask.

As an apple, perhaps, you will be on my branch,
and the tree is in city, the tree is on ranch.
And when people of that apple do get a taste,
it is early, or timely, or late, and not waste.